Software development

VTS offers custom software development services to help you grow your business and achieve your business goals. Whether it is custom software, a mobile application, an e-commerce website or a web application, we deliver complex software solutions.

Years of experience in meeting client requirements can drive success by minimising risk, regardless of project specifications.

We are a software development service provider and help turn your ideas into innovative solutions.

Wide range of custom software development services

  • Does your company need to modernize its software, website, e-commerce or mobile application?
  • Do you need a new solution?
  • Do you need to hire partially or totally a development project?
  • Are you looking for a development team?

Whether you are an established company or just starting out, with our unique blend of custom development skills and software engineering experience we are ready to help you from concept to development.

E-commerce websites

If you need to improve the performance of your existing e-commerce solution or believe you can improve your users’ experience, you need our development team to specialise in our customised e-commerce solution.

We offer customised e-commerce development services. We help you with your needs and implementation.

Mobile application development

Our team has extensive experience in developing iOS and Android to create custom mobile applications with the best mobile user experience. Our adaptable and scalable mobile technology solutions create mobile applications that will put you ahead of the competition.

Web Application Development

Whether it is a simple or complex solution, if you have an idea, we design and develop a web application to meet the exact needs. A web development company with experience in building B2B and B2C sites. Our work includes project management, architecture and design, software implementation and debugging.

Reinforce your team with our team

Even if you have your own development team but need additional specific development or to accelerate the project, we can create a development team dedicated to your project.

This service saves time and money, and you can recruit and hire the right programmers.

Software development workflow

Our team of professionals covers all aspects of the development process that ensures great efficiency and productivity. From the beginning of the project with the analysis of the requirements to the end and its launch, our team will be with you.

A software development company in outsourcing mode that ensures a team of professionals that adequately covers all your requirements.

Planning and analysis

In accordance with the initial requirements, our team of experts gathers all the information, determines the needs, finds the business model and monetisation, and develops the platform and draws up the business plan that meets the objectives, deadlines and budget.

Design and user interface

Our team of graphic designers and user experience, we offer an interface design and UX for the user to have an optimal experience. Once the technical, corporate or usage limitations have been identified, we create a user travel map, a series of frames, mock-ups and prototypes to achieve user satisfaction.

Project management

Project management is an approach that aims to solve any kind of problem that may arise during the process. The person responsible for the project will be the point of connection, initiating, planning, supervising and controlling the steps necessary to meet the objective.


Our development teams have the necessary experience to create any type of technological platform based on the most ambitious vision they propose. We build a functional, scalable and secure product.

SEO Optimization

One of the successes online is not only the launch of the site, but also the reception of users and obtaining the necessary conversions. The website must be built in such a way that it is attractive and visible to visitors and accessible to search engines.